reach1 [ ritʃ ] verb ***
1. ) transitive to arrive somewhere:
We hoped to reach the camp before dark.
When she reached the top of the stairs her heart was pounding.
a ) transitive if something reaches someone, they receive it after it has been sent to them:
The money should reach your bank account within three working days.
News reached him that his wife and child were safe.
b ) transitive to get to a particular point in time or a particular stage in a process:
You reach a point where medicine can't help.
The children have reached the age when they want more privacy.
c ) transitive to get as high as a particular level or amount:
Temperatures here can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
d ) intransitive to be long enough or large enough to get to a particular point:
reach to: Her blond hair reaches to her waist.
reach as far as: They own land that reaches as far as the river.
2. ) intransitive to move your arm, hand, etc. toward something that you are trying to touch or pick up:
reach for: He turned around and reached for the phone.
reach into: Travis reached into his pocket to get his car keys.
reach across: I reached across the table and took Alice's hand.
a ) intransitive or transitive to manage to touch something, or pick it up by stretching out your hand, arm, etc.:
We keep the bottles up here so the children can't reach them.
She had to stand on a chair to reach the switch.
3. ) transitive to achieve something after discussing it or thinking about it for a long time:
reach (an) agreement: An agreement was finally reached last night.
reach a decision/conclusion/compromise: The teachers must reach a decision on whether to go out on strike before midnight.
4. ) transitive if something such as a program or message reaches people, they see or hear it:
The advertisement reached an audience of over 19 million.
Our political message is still not reaching enough people.
a ) to succeed in talking to someone by telephone or radio:
I'll leave you a number where I can be reached in an emergency.
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,reach `out phrasal verb intransitive or transitive
to stretch out your arm to try to touch or hold something:
She reached out to touch his face.
,reach `out to phrasal verb transitive reach out to someone
1. ) to offer help to someone:
We are reaching out to the most vulnerable members of the community.
2. ) to ask someone for help:
She urged him to reach out to his family.
reach 2 [ ritʃ ] noun **
1. ) uncount the distance within which you can touch something by stretching out your arm, leg, etc.:
within reach: Position the shelves so that the books are within reach of your desk.
beyond/out of reach: I kicked the knife out of reach.
a ) the distance that you travel to get somewhere:
within (easy) reach: The hotel is within easy reach of downtown.
2. ) singular the amount of authority or influence that someone or something has:
within/beyond the reach of something/someone: Elizabeth now felt herself to be beyond the reach of the Catholic Church.
the farthest/far/outer reaches of something MAINLY LITERARY
the most distant or mysterious parts of something:
the outer reaches of space
out of/beyond someone's reach
used for saying that someone cannot have or do something because they do not have enough money or skill:
Achievements like these are beyond the reach of ordinary players.
the upper/lower reaches of something
1. ) a particular part of a river that is near to/far from where it begins
2. ) the high/low levels of an organization:
There are few women in the upper reaches of the civil service.
within someone's reach
used for saying that someone can have or do something because they have enough money or skill:
Reduced ticket prices put the best seats within everyone's reach.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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